Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 19-29 (.395, 11 GB)

Projected Record: 64-98

Nats Beat Writers Who Suggested Yesterday During a Chat That Tony Batista Could Be Traded for “Hot Dog Cooking Equipment and a Bag of Baseballs”: 1

Old-Man-ist Question From That Chat:

D.C.: Barry – This is a dated question. On Friday, May 11 when the Nats were hosting the Marlins. It was Armed Forces Day and they had the U.S. Coast Guard perform before the game. They was some jerk Marlin stretching in center field who would not move when the Guard tried to march onto the field. Do you recall you this guy was? I’d never seen anything like it.

Parsing the Win: Nats 4, Cincinnati 3. Illiteracy is the Nats’ best friend. Sam Perlozzo? Doesn’t read the papers. Reds reliever Gary Majewski? “If it’s not about hunting or fishing, I don’t know it,” he told the Washington Times. Well, here’s some news for you guys: Matt Chico mania is building! That means, come Sunday, if the Cardinals haven’t started reading the papers, they may wake up Monday morning to find they’ve been flattened by the Nationals’ velvet steamroller. And that they can’t check their mutual funds.

Barry Svrluga Adjectives of the Day: “hodgepodge,” “unexpected”