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The used car chain Eastern Motors has long had the greatest local commercials. But things haven’t turned out so well for the local superstars who have appeared in those fabulous ads to lip-synch long to the fabulous jingle: “At Eastern Motors/Your job’s your credit.”

Original spokesmodels LaVar Arrington and Laveranues Coles both left Redskins Park angry and wounded. Now Eastern’s current crop of endorsers has hit its own rough patch: Brendan Haywood left town and took the name plate off his locker immediately after the Wizards final playoff game. His days of playing for Eddie Jordan are probably done. Sean Taylor didn’t show up for the Redskins’ recent minicamp, and Joe Gibbs confessed he didn’t even know how to get in touch with the player.

And, ahem, Clinton Portis recently gave perhaps the dumbest-ass interview in Skins history. Talking to an Eastern Virginia TV station during the Redskins Beach Blitz, Portis basically said that whatever Michael Vick wants to do with his dogs—-including putting them in fight-to-the-death brawls with other dogs for gambling purposes—-is fine with Portis and should be fine with everybody.

Appearing in all those commercials obviously got Portis very comfortable in front of the camera. Or maybe he’s just another casualty of the Eastern Motors Curse.