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James W. Gee Jr., owner of Youngin’s Towing, has not always had the best relations with his customers—they’ve been so bad, in fact, that Youngin’s has recently had its business license revoked by the city. Nor is his record with cops spotless. In June 2004, Gee was so belligerent to a 5th District cop that he was arrested for disorderly conduct. According to an arrest report and court documents, a Youngin’s truck had been parked in front of a police maintenance shop near the Youngin’s lot on Montana Avenue NE. Cars couldn’t get in or out, and Officer M.W. Schaeffer began writing a ticket. As Schaeffer placed the ticket on the windshield, Gee and two employees ran toward him. “Write all the tickets you want, you white cracker motherfucker,” Gee yelled, according to Schaeffer’s report. “I’ll get you.” When Schaeffer called for assistance, the towing proprietor turned back.

Schaeffer and his backup went to arrest Gee at Youngin’s. When they told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct, he replied, “What you gonna arrest me for?” and walked behind the counter. Six other Youngin’s employees pressed into the room. When the police tried to cuff him, Gee backed against the wall, waving his arms and yelling. More cops arrived on the scene before the arrest was made.

Later, he filed a pair of lawsuits against Schaeffer and other cops in federal court for $185 million, alleging civil-rights and other violations. Both cases were eventually dismissed.

Gee’s appeal of his license revocation was slated to go before an administrative-law judge on May 31.