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Today’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board hearing on the May 27 shooting death at H2O Restaurant & Lounge has shed more light on how the incident came about.

The incident appears to have been sparked by a bottle of Cristal—-or, rather, the loss of one. According to police Sgt. James Somers, alleged shooter Rashod Charles Holmes recorded a videotaped confession in which he explained that he bumped into the victim, who was carrying a bottle of the high-end champagne. Holmes testified that a dispute soon followed as to whether Holmes should pay for a replacement bottle. The argument soon spilled outside, leading to the patron’s shooting.

Holmes is currently being held on a charge of first-degree murder. How was he able to get a gun past H2O’s security detail? Simple—-he says he bypassed it. Somers testified that Holmes described himself as a sparrer to a professional boxer, a job that gave him a privileged position at the club and allowed him to forgo the usual pat-down at the door. “If you’re known, they just walk you in—-that’s how it works there,” Somers says he was told by Holmes.