Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 21-32 (.396, 13 GB)

Projected Record: 64-98

Number of Times Last Night a Pitcher Walked: 2

Parsing the Loss: Nats 0, Dodgers 5. As previously suggested in this space, whenever Thomas Boswell gets back on board with the Nats, they immediately fall apart. But (hat tip to Capitol Punishment), this pre-June swoon can be easily traced to the banishment from the clubhouse of not only alcohol, but also sweeties and trans fats. Thanks to “Mr. Nerd” Brian Schneider and “Mr. Nerd II” John Patterson, junk food has gone the way of Chris Snelling. And everyone’s made the Ray King joke already, so I’m not going there.

Sign of the Day that Barry Svrluga Is Living Through Deep Existential Angst: “Good pitching beats good hitting, it wasn’t our night, yada yada yada.”