Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 23-34 (.403, 13 GB)

Projected Record: 65-97

Rule 5 Pitchers Whose First Names I’m Probably Not Gonna Have to Sweat Misspelling for Much Longer: 1

Unless He Listens to This Blogger of Uncommon Genius: Run, Levale, Run!

Parsing the Loss: Nationals 3, San Diego 7. From the pond in the backyard of his Loudon redoubt, on whose surface he can observe the actions of mortals, Frank Howard is aghast, rattling his mighty thunderbolts and sending wave after wave of punishing rain as impudent Ryan Zimmerman gives a ball a Promethean wallop. “Remember Salmoneus!” mighty Howard roars. “Did I not destroy his kingdom after he tied kettles to his chariot in a vain attempt to be a god! Remember, too, fair Ryan, how I turned Pandareus to stone for stealing the golden dog! Look at my deeds, and tremble!”

Barry Svrluga Nouns of the Day: “slop,” “drizzle,” “snorkle”