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Tracking the City Paper softball team’s pursuit of a perfect season

Current Record: 0-10 (.000)

Twenty-one is a good number to get in blackjack. It is not, however, so good in softball, when that’s the number of runs scored against you. Atlantic Video rang up 21 runs against us in the first game, and Team Video scored the same number against us in the second. But there were a few acts of heroism and savvy strategy on the part of City Paper against the Atlantic squad. And while there may be a better way of detailing them than exploiting the LOLcats meme just as it becomes officially exhausted, I can’t think of one.

2B Joe Dempsey showed some solid play in the infield and making some crucial stops:

The opposing pitcher was working a perfect game against us until SS Chris Coxen employed the wise strategy of hollering from the bench, “Hey pitcher! You’re throwing a perfect game!” From there it was easy for us to acquire our two runs.

Soon, 1B Mike DeBonis smashed a hit into short center and beat out the throw to first—-which landed squarely on his forehead. Mike appeared to be seriously hurt, but he bounced back quickly, announcing, “That’s why they call it a softball!” Still, an ice pack was in order: