This being a slow news time, much of the talk on blogs and offices today centers on last night’s Sopranos series-ender. The trouble with the commentary on both sides is that it comes from people who have watched the episode in question. I haven’t, yet I have some strong opinions on what happened.

A tense diner scene and parallel-parking scene, to me, seems a fine way to end a series. Why do the central characters have to either die or do something dramatic? Is it really a copout to depict them continuing with their lives as we’ve always understood them (or, in my case, as I’ve understood them through the fourth season, after which I haven’t seen an episode)?

Throughout the day, I’ve gotten lots of secondhand accounts of what happened, and I’m fine with how everything went down, including the Journey tune, the bathroom thing, and so on. It’s all good. And to all those who are bitching about this: Go ahead and create your own series, with original characters, great dialogue, humor, suspense, and then you can end your series with a big fucking bang.