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Tracking the City Paper softball team’s pursuit of a perfect season

Current Record: 0-12 (.000)

Things I learned playing softball this week:

  • Just because a flyball drops effortlessly into your glove doesn’t mean it’s not gonna bounce right on outta there.
  • There is no such thing as “half an out” when this happens.
  • Shouting “Rich Little” or the names of U2 albums from the outfield has little effect on the opposition, whether they work for the National Press Club or not.
  • The people on the AP team take their game really seriously. Maybe doing all that work and then seeing you credited as “from wire services” gets to you after a while.

Game 1: City Paper 3, National Press Club 21
Game 2: City Paper 6, AP 18

There are no moral victories in softball. And for the CP team, there are no victories of any sort. However, our second game yielded some unfamiliar notations on Coach Mike Kalyan‘s scorecard: Runs! Six of ’em! Possibly our highest total this year, certainly the most I’ve ever witnessed our side achieve. What’s more, the 12-run slaughter rule was barely invoked in our second game! For the Shadows, this is progress.

SHOUTOUTS: Carrie Carman, awesome catch! Kalyan made like 6 outs in one inning. We adjourned to the Stained Glass Pub with our heads held high. Haters on the league blog might propose “a schedule that no longer rewards traditionally bad teams,” but we remind you that we’re only 6 games out of first in our division, so if we sweep the next three weeks, well, uh, what was I talking about?