The Dish: baklava

The Location:Astor Mediterranean, 1829 Columbia Road NW, (202) 745-7495

The Price: $2.50

The Skinny: Astor’s version of the classic dessert hits plenty of grace notes. Arrayed on a fork, a slice starts to look a bit like one of those cross-sections of the Earth you might see in a geology textbook. The upper layers are appropriately flaky and light, and the sweet, comparatively dense filling doesn’t skimp on pistachios and walnuts. Flakiness and all, the whole thing holds together pretty well, and at $2.50, it’s a great quick indulgence in Adams Morgan—-especially if you take advantage of Astor’s sidewalk seating or its aptitude for take-out. Best of all, its sweet honey aftertaste tends to linger for a while.