I have a difficult time picking out Hallmark birthday cards, but not, apparently, as hard a time as Robin, whose card to her man I found the other day next to Dumpster behind the Marie Reed Community Learning Center in Adams Morgan.

“Someone once said that a good man is hard to find, but I know that’s not always true,” the card reads. The card then goes on in flowery card-speak to describe how she found a man, who’s “warm, gentle, and caring,” who’s proud of her, who is “loved and respected more than he realizes.”

More than he realizes, and clearly more than he wants. The card ends this way: “I found a man who is everything a good man ought to be, and the best part is—-after I found him I married him.”

Therein lies the rub. On the inside cover of the card, Robin shows her hand. “I am not your wife, but this card says it all.”

Sure does. And so does that it wound up beside the Dumpster in Adams Morgan.