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…goes to the woman riding the 42 bus up Connecticut Avenue NW late this morning. As the bus approached where she wanted to get off, she realized that she hadn’t paid. After rummaging through her purse, she confessed that she was short. But she had a deal for him, offering to run to the nearest bank—a block away—and then meet the bus up ahead. The driver agreed to the challenge.

She got off the bus and, in her dark pants suit, dashed ahead.

The main obstacle: dealing with the PNC Bank. No matter what you try do to, bank transactions take time. They’re not as bad as CVS. But they still take time. Even ATMs, with their complicated touch screens, can be a hassle. I thought there was no way she was going to beat the bus.

But there she was meeting the 42 at the intersection of Florida and Connecticut. The driver didn’t have to wait. She was there, out of breath, ready for him.