Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 30-39 (.434, 8 GB)

Projected Record: 70-92

Inured Nats Starters Trying Desperately to Claim a Moral Victory After Getting Shelled in the Minors: 1

Is There Room in the Bullpen for All These Injured Pitchers Should They Return and Not Get Starting Jobs Back, Since the French-Foreign-Legion Approach Has Been Working So Well? (Insert Ray King joke here.)

Parsing the Win: Nats 4, Toronto 2. Stymied by Canadian-content laws, which require that at least one-third of your bullpen be from north of the 49th parallel, the Nats weathered two losses, brutally mocked by CBC yahoos who shouted, “Hey, who’s got Youppi now, eh?” Then Micah Bowie, whose great-great-grandfather Jean-Baptiste was a voyageur who traveled from Sault Ste. Marie to Flin Flon, portaging when necessary and having a knife named after himself in the process (he’s also David‘s nephew, but that’s been weird since he wasn’t asked to join Tin Machine), took the mound, or Le Monde, as it’s known in Toronto. And then who was shouting “youppi,” eh?

Barry Svrluga Excuse of the Day for His Spotty Podcast-Completion Rate: “I dropped the recorder on this one”