Read last week’s cover story, Franklin Schneider‘s “Buzz Kill,” and wondering what you can do to remember the millions of bees that have disappeared from the mid-Atlantic states in recent months?

Blogger Herb of DC‘s found someone who’s way ahead of the curve in the bee-memorial department. Behind the Garden District nursery on S Street NW just east of 14th, there’s an odd street memorial somewhat reminiscent of the impromptu sidewalk encomiums following a resident’s untimely death, complete with votive candles and “dead soldier” beer bottles.

Chances are this is part of that SiteProjects DC thing—-probably the work of Carolina Mayorga, though we haven’t been able to confirm—- This is actually part of that SiteProjects DC thing—-the work of artists Matthew McGuinness and Eliza Newman Saul—-but remember this is about more than art: It’s about the bees.

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