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We were rummaging through the Nuttycombe Archives™ and came upon a copy of Love Letters to the Monkees, the “new wild mad groovy” 1967 nonbook tie-in to the TV show. We found the slim paperback in some area secondhand store years ago and it’s inscribed, “Joyce from Chris, Christmas 1967.”

But our interest was piqued by the very first letter, which reads:

Darling Micky,

I’m not just another fan writing to you because you’re a Monkee. It’s you I love, Micky, that happy-go-lucky, carefree, funny person inside you. And I don’t care if you are crazy, pug-nosed, scrawny-necked, hairy, skinny, or funny looking. Nobody’s perfect, and I’ll love you always.

Your truest fan,
Toni B.
Silver Spring, Md.

So, Toni, if you’re still in the area, we wanna know:

  1. Did Micky ever get back to you?
  2. Are you still his truest fan?
  3. Were you aware that your letter was published?
  4. Were you aware that the Monkees were entirely fake, a cynical ploy by the entertainment industry to cash in on the success of the Beatles?

And to Joyce: Why would you get rid of such a classic work of literature?