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Bands: Mass Movement of the Moth, Deleted Scenes, The Boom Orangutangs [sic]

Attendance: High

Ominous Police Presence: Low. By last year’s final show at least three cop cars were perched on the hill above the stage for the duration of the concert. This year that’s not the case—-at least so far. Zero squad cars were present to loom over the proceedings (which—-of course—-is not an excuse to ruin Fort Reno through vandalism or the use/possession of illicit substances on the concert grounds).

Notable High Jinks: Perhaps fearful that their new-wavey pop stylings would not alone suffice to excite audiences, Deleted Scenes offered up a cooler full of Fla-Vor-Ice in an effort to draw attendees toward the stage. Which worked. A gaggle of teens scrambled forward—-a few of which even remained to dance for the duration of the set.