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We’re launching a new feature at Eats Central. It’s called “Ask Tim,” and—-you guessed it!—-it’s Q&A with yours truly. Unlike the usual online chats, I’ll be answering inquiries whenever the mood strikes me—-or my editor. But here’s the thing: If I read one more question asking “Where should I take my lactose-intolerant parents from Kansas who don’t like to spend more than $25 per person but still want a four-star meal with absolutely no butter?,” I’m going to blow bagel chunks.

C’mon, people, you can think of better questions than that! What do you really want to know? What’s the secret to your favorite chef’s signature dish? How to book a good table over the weekend at Blue Duck Tavern? Is it fair to sue a critic for a negative restaurant review?

Let those questions fly. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll pick up the phone and find out. You can send your inquiries anytime, day or night, to asktim@washingtoncitypaper.com.