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There’s a big debate over the day laborers that congregate near Home Depot in Northeast. Neighbors are pissed that these folks, well, piss and do other unseemly things in the vicinity. See this story in the Washington Times for more on that.

Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has proposed building a multiculti training center on the site, the better to handle the open-air labor market that has sprung up at this contractor hotspot.

Build the center, indeed. But before building the center, raze the entire shopping center, bulldoze the parking lot, and keep digging. As Washington City Paper pointed out years ago, this project was launched and executed hastily, to the eternal detriment of economic and community development in and around Brentwood. The whole thing sits too high off Brentwood Road NE, a problem that the developers handled by building a retaining wall and saying, essentially, the hell with it. Bring this eyesore to street level, make the shops front the street, and then build the day laborer site. How hard could that be?