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When I was 14 years old, I got my first job working at a Salt Lake City–based local Greek fast-food chain called Apollo Burgers. One of said restaurant chain’s major selling points was that it made its own onion rings from scratch. Thus I spent an entire summer sitting in the tiny kitchen peeling and shredding onions with the owner’s son—-a shit-talking college proto-bro who wore a backwards baseball cap and played a cassette of the Smoking Popes’ Born to Quit over and over and over and over again.

This week, the Smoking Popes announced a show at the Black Cat on Aug. 2. It’s nice to know that should I attend, I can finally listen to “Need You Around”—-a song that I’ve heard a thousand times—-one more time.

Here are several other upcoming interesting Black Cat shows with similarly irrelevant personal anecdotes; all tickets go on sale today:

Sunday, July 22: Bishop Allen, Page France, The Teeth. An old girlfriend once burned me a Bishop Allen CD as a gift. Because I liked her, I told her I liked it, but in truth I only listened to the first 30 seconds of the first song. This was childish and somewhat immature on my part. Still I don’t regret it. I don’t really like Bishop Allen.

Monday, Sept. 17: Do Make Say Think. Every Christmas when I return home to Salt Lake City, my cousins and I usually get together to “jam” in our family space-rock band, which is heavily inspired by our shared love of ’90s shoegaze records—-particularly the Verve’s Storm in Heaven. In honor of our shared affection for aimless noodlery, I purchased Do Make Say Think’s Winter Hymn, Summer Hymn, Secret Hymn for one of these cousins as a Christmas gift. Alas, I am fairly certain that the LP has remained unplayed.

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Dirty Projectors, Ecstatic Sunshine. Once I went to the Warehouse Next Door to attend a K Records benefit show for the members of Dub Narcotic Soundsystem, who had suffered a van accident while on tour. Dave Longstreth was performing that evening as Dirty Projectors. After the show he kindly offered me a slice of an orange that he was eating. I declined. He then told me that the orange was full of acid. Again, I declined. He then told me that the orange was filled with the “Kill Bush Power.” Still, I declined.

Thursday, Sept. 27: Magnolia Electric Co., The Watson Twins, Drakkar Sauna. Magnolia Electric Co. was once known as Songs Ohia. A live import CD of a concert they performed in Italy was my final purchase from the now-defunct DCCD. I have listened to it exactly twice and probably only bought it to piss off my roommate at the time, who really wanted it. This was childish and somewhat immature on my part. Still, I don’t regret it. It’s a pretty sweet record.

Also take note of these upcoming shows by these local bands, many of which are solid and worth your $$$: Tuesday, July 24: Statehood, Problems, Hand-Fed Babies; Friday, July 27: The Dance Party, Let’s French, De Novo Dahl; Friday, Aug. 10: Shortstack, Garland Of Hours, Kitty Hawk.