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In this week’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • Jason Cherkis on how guards at the D.C. Jail let a man die.
  • Joe Eaton on a beloved DCPS teacher who was fired after her visa ran out. Here’s the thing: After DCPS promised to help the Canada native get a permanent visa, they changed their policy and didn’t tell anyone.
  • In Cheap Seats: Dave McKenna on the longstanding feud between Georgetown University’s John Thompson and DeMatha Catholic’s Morgan Wootton that’s only now, 35 years later, coming to an end.
  • In Show & Tell: Jessica Gould on a bird-brained problem with one of the 14th Street SiteProjects DC installations. Plus: More on the Warehouse’s folding.
  • In Young & Hungry: Tim Carman on picking your own strawberries: Is it worth it?
  • Plus Ask Bob, Suit Yourself, film, music, theater, and more