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A road trip just isn’t a road trip, in my view, unless you see a few signs for deer processing. There were several of those yesterday, along with a good, long string of windowless cinder-block adult video arcades along Pennsylvania Route 15. This is a great road. In one form or another, Rt. 15 hits Gettysburg, Harrisburg, skirts the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and follows the picturesque Susquehanna watershed north-south through the state James Carville once described as “Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.”

Now having spent more than a decade in Erie, which always gets the short end of quotable quotes about Pennsylvania, I might take issue with that. But I can see Carville’s point after some adventures on Rt. 15.

Take Farmer Boy Furniture. In addition to an 8-foot chicken, a purple dragon, and a life-size metal pig for your lawn, go ahead and stop for some “treat sticks.” The sign doesn’t say if they’re made out of processed deer. One can only assume. And hope.