If only Linda Blair got a girl-band together instead of turning to softcore porn, Georgetown might have made the cut for Netflix Live! On Location. As it is, Baltimore will have to do. The Netflix tour hits three places this summer (New Orleans and Kennedy Space Center in Florida, in addition to Baltimore next Saturday, the 15th) and includes a free screening and a concert by movie stars who think they can sing in the places where the movies are set or were filmed.

Enter the Bacon Brothers—-Kevin, of course, and Mike, post-Queer Eye makeover—-who will rock out (can country-folk rock out?) before Diner crackles to life once more on the Inner Harbor. Top billing for the movie, filmed mostly in Baltimore in the early ’80s, goes to studly pre-Cocoon Steve Guttenberg and features Bacon, Daniel Stern, and Schenectady’s finest, Mickey Rourke. So it’s not the Academy Award winners D.C. has turned out, but, hey, at least it’s free.