This Week: Sneaking good food into the movies. Editor Erik Wemple objects strenuously to Tim’s entire premise.

Highlights: 1:15: Movie theater economics. 2:10: Erik calls Tim an asshole. 2:30: “You are an incredible annoyance to my moviegoing,” says Erik. 3:15: Movie foods that Tim advocates. 3:33: Live Free or Die Hard—-palatable or not? 3:45: Tim feels “like a liberal on Fox News.” 3:55: Erik attacks the very premise of Tim’s column. 4:15: “Some rules are meant to be broken,” says Tim. 5:55: Tim lied. “An awful moment.” 7:00: How close are movie people watching? 8:10: Erik’s Theory of Eating: “When you eat, you eat.” 8:50: Erik: “I don’t snack!” “I think snacking is bullshit.” 9:30: Tim’s honeymoon plans. 10:20: Tim: “I’ve lost all credibility.” 10:32: Ask Tim: Restaurants that can and preserve.

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