Name: By Day—-Tony Lugthart By Night—-“White Pony”

Profession: By Day—-K Street shoeshine; wiped the smut from Tom DeLay‘s wing-tips By Night—-meager but committed Johnny Cash impersonator; mutters stuff about rodeos

Haunt: By Day—-McCormick & Schmick’s By Night—-The Reef karaoke night

Accessories: By Day—-Whimsical hat; red suspenders; bow-tie By Night—-Whimsical hat; wild-eyed, roaming glare; cocaine-slang nick-name

Demeanor: By Day—-All business with a touch of flair By Night—-Close-talker; wildly drunk; enthusiastic dancer

Best Line: By Day—-“There are other guys around—-they can’t touch me.” By Night—-“And that’s a real American song, not like the Communists!”