Coattail Chasers: Gray, left, and Fenty are fighting over the race for Gray?s Ward 7 successor. Credit: (Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)

Those who’ve been watching the various follies of the D.C. Council over the past several weeks now know: This is the wrong guy for the job.

First, the whole Victor Reinoso thing. Gray, showing a streak of pettiness that unmatched even among the ranks of D.C. councilmembers, refused to call a vote on Fenty’s choice for deputy mayor of education. The rationale? That he needed more evidence, or someshit, that Reinoso is qualified for the job.

Know what, Vince? If you need more evidence at this point on Reinoso, then I want some evidence that you’re qualified for your job. You’ve seen the guy’s resume, you’ve had him in for a hearing, he’s been around town for quite some time, so on and so forth. Are you doing some investigative reporting on the guy during your summer break? Gonna interview some people at the Federal City Council about the guy? Um, Mr. Golden, can you tell me whether Mr. Reinoso showed up for work on time each day?

Hey Mr. Chairman: Give this guy an up-or-down vote and let the mayor get on with his schools reform plans. Jeez, you gave the mayor the education portfolio, and now you want to hold back his point man because you need more information? Did you boast on your campaign that you had management experience?

Other disasters: Let’s sell off the city’s West End holdings without a public hearing. And let’s put in place another meaningless ban on single sales. Poor H Streeters who want just one.

This never would have happened under a Patterson council!

Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

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