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Give this site some love: District Limerick. ’Cause Calvin Trillin doesn’t have a monopoly on silly poems about politics.

Most of it deals with the feds, but there’s the occasional local-focused gem. From last month:

Committee members agree
There’s something amiss with D.C.
When last t’was taxation
Sans representation
We found ourselves swimming in tea

When there’s a will, there’s a way
As proved by events yesterday
They took the first step
Towards a full voting Rep.
Now the Senate will say yea or nay

The anonymous limericist was kind enough to answer a few questions:

Why limericks? What inspired to embrace this particular art form?

I started writing limericks a few years ago in college when I took a class that required weekly responses to reading assignments. Late one night before a response was due, I really just didn’t feel like writing paragraphs…so I wrote a few limericks. I sent them to my professor, fully expecting to get chewed out for my irreverence. Instead, he loved them and had me read them aloud to the class. I think he even sent them to the author of the reading material. That was enough to get me started.

How long have you been writing them? Any chance you’ll get sick of them, switch to, say, Petrarchan sonnets?

I’ve only been writing the news-related limericks for a month or two. Before that I mostly wrote apology limericks when I forgot Father’s Day. I’ve toyed with the idea of rhyming couplets, but I’m pretty hooked on the limerick form. I can’t think of a less pretentious form of poetry, and I like that.

There are some changes you can expect, though. I’m trying to write more about local news and serious news. Honestly, it’s hard to write a limerick about truly tragic news. It just doesn’t feel right. Fortunately, there seems to be an endless source of semi-comic news that just needs a bit of help. The advice I’ve gotten from people older and wiser than I am, is to get “meaner and dirtier.” I’m working on it, but I’m from Minnesota so it’s a stretch.

What’s your day job?

Well, I just graduated from college and I’m working as a Research Assistant here in D.C. It’s my first job out of school and I love it so far. If you try really hard, you might be able to figure out what area of policy I work in based on what I don’t write limericks about, but I’m hoping you have better ways to use your time.