The D.C. Divas open their 2007 IWFL playoff run against the Atlanta Xplosion on Saturday. The league told them to hit the road despite going 8-0 and outscoring the opposition 372-39.

Atlanta, which also went undefeated and gave up only seven points all season, was awarded home field based on point differential. No matter how the postseason turns out, this year will be viewed as a winner because of the Divas’ 24-22 regular-season win over longtime nemesis the Detroit Demolition in June.

As all Diva devotees know, Detroit had beaten D.C. in all of the team’s playoff encounters, and hadn’t lost a regular season game—-to anybody—-in five years before being whupped by the local girls. The Divas packed up their 18-game winning streak and departed for Georgia by bus without much fanfare at midnight from the East Falls Church Metro.

“It was pretty much friends and family,” General Manager Rich Daniel says from Roswell, Ga. “Nothing like the Redskins in fatigues leaving for Dallas.”

Bus lag notwithstanding, Daniel likes his team’s chances. Fans can listen to the game via the team’s Web site, with the narrowcast beginning an hour before tomorrow’s scheduled 6 p.m. kickoff.