So Adrian Fenty‘s announced that the District will be appealing the federal court decision overturning the D.C. handgun ban to the Supreme Court.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Have you been reading the papers, your honor? You don’t have to be Linda Greenhouse to realize this court will care for the sovereignty of the District about as much as it does for the sovereignty of high-school students to spout vaguely drug-related nonsense.

Not sure who the constitutional-law genius was who had the mayor’s ear on this one. The macho we-gotta-stand-up-for-our-rights talk is admirable, but even Clarence Darrow wouldn’t take this case to a court where it not only probably won’t win, but threatens to impose bad law on the rest of the country, too.

I can see it now, though: Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, concurring, opt for an overreaching treatise establishing once and for all an individual right to bear arms, while Roberts and Kennedy somehow find a way to make the decision apply only to nonstate districts, possessions, and territories.

You really want to screw Guam like that, Adrian?