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With the recent onslaught of virtual “lolcats”—-those grammatically-challenged felines who may, perhaps, have requested to “has” your “cheezburger”—-the flesh-and-blood kitty may seem like a dying breed.

But real cats are still breeding like crazy in the District—-and while this may result in an overload of bum cats, it also means that, on periodic Saturdays on Belmont Road and 18th Street NW, there’s a house full of diminutive little fur-balls waiting to charm you into letting them take up a permanent seat on your couch. Beware! While these kittens may lack the loose command of the English language displayed by their virtual counterparts, they have another trick up their sleeves: they are really fucking cute.

Just ask these kids…

…who, after excitedly retelling how they found their last cat petrified on the porch, went away with one half of the kitten pile known as “Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Moe.” But don’t despair—-my sources tell me that “Ipso” and “Facto” are still up for grabs.

The adoption clinic, run by Metro Ferals in conjunction with a handful of other cat-rescue groups, appears next on August 4.