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I’m sure to get labeled a hippie/hipster forever for this, but I must report that the Sticky Fingers Bakery on Park Road has Silk-brand soy creamer.

This stuff, by some miracle of chemical engineering, makes the addition of soy milk to hot coffee completely undisgusting. Unadulterated soy milk produces a thoroughly nasty effect when poured into a hot beverage. It separates, gets a little talc-ish, and tastes curdled. Soy creamer solves this problem through the miracle of science.

By the way, I’m not a vegan. Just lactose intolerant. But I do also approve of the tasty vegan sweets at Sticky Fingers. These are made, I imagine, not through any sort of chemical wizardry but instead by substituting banana and various protein powders for butter and milk and eggs.