I’m already not a big fan of my two-block walk to work. A few clicks past my door, there is the alley as Port-o-Potty. It is at this point I am greeted by the smell of stale-beer piss and humid feces. Those kinds of smells tend to stay inside your nose a lot longer than you want them to. Like they want to set up shop and have a conversation with you. For years, I have survived these smells and not let them defeat me. They are out of my system by the time I reach work.

But today, I got the wicked combo of scent and sound. I got the shit and the shit talk. As I passed the Columbia Road Safeway, I saw an older man hold a woman up against a wall and shout in her face that she’s a “motherfucking bitch.”

Maybe this is what happens when street harassers get a relationship. Maybe this guy should have stayed in and watched the performers from Hairspray do their thing on the Today Show. Look, I love watching couples fight as much as the next person. I love it just much as I love watching couples on that tentative first date at Tryst. But this is just a bad way to start a day. So angry dudes, please try and chill the fuck out. Respect your ladies!