A while back, the Post‘s Neely Tucker wrote an in-depth Style piece about the legal troubles of famed Washington stylist Andre Chreky. The story essentially replayed the sexual harassment allegations of former Chreky colleagues and generally tried to add a bit of gel and highlights to an old story. Shortly after the story hit, Chreky sent out a letter to his customers saying, in part, “You may have seen the recent Washington Post coverage reporting on two lawsuits that have been filed against our salon spa. We hope that you will understand, with the cases pending in court, we are unable to comment specifically on them.”

Not much news there.

But the Examiner saw something and in its Wednesday editions, listed Chreky among “Today’s Newsmakers.” The blurb reads as follows:

Andre Chreky, whose ritzy downtown salon has been hit by two lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, sent out letters to customers last week asking for support. Chreky, whose salon employees have styled hair for several high-profile customers including first lady Laura Bush, sent a letter July 10 saying that because of the pending lawsuits, it could not comment on them. “We have tremendous faith in the legal process and believe we will be vindicated,” wrote Chreky and his wife, Serena.

Now, Chreky and Serena sent that letter solely because of the Post story. Think the Examiner could swallow just a bit of pride and mention that fact?