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The city is finally saying in court what car owners have said in private for years: James W. Gee is ripping us off.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, D.C. Attorney General Linda Singer asks the judge for an injunction to shut down Youngin’s Towing and Auto Body once and for all. Readers may remember that the city already tried to revoke Gee’s business license. He was able to fight that maneuver, and he has stayed in business, to the ruin of Charmain Walker‘s ’93 Crown Vic.

Nearly a month after the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs first tried to shut Gee down, his company towed Walker’s car from an illegal space. When she came to pick it up, Gee told her that he scrapped it for parts. According to the city, he offered to give her another car from his lot. Walker has sued in small-claims court. A hearing on her case is set for tomorrow, and a judge will hear arguments Thursday on whether to grant a temporary restraining order and close Youngin’s immediately.

Gee says he hasn’t read the city’s filings. “I didn’t know about it. I ain’t know nothing about it,” he says. “Suing me? How’s that suing me? ‘Suing me’ means they want money, right?”

After a moment, he says: “It’s nothing I can do about it. The fact that they suing me, ain’t nothing I can do about it.”