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In the spirit of the great Very Little Known Facts, it’s my pleasure to educate my coworkers about Atlanta, home to not only our new owners but also Elton John!

  • Atlanta has its own baseball team, which was acquired in a trade from Boston in 1994. The team is known as the Briefs (named for the number of lawyers who wear cardigans tied around their necks in the stands) and stands a very good chance of being promoted to the big leagues in the next few years.
  • All the real estate in Atlanta is leased to its residents by Erik Turner, who played guitar in Warrant and also owns Ted’s Montana Grill—-which, along with Chick-fil-A, is the only restaurant legally allowed in the city limits (anything goes in nearby Decatur, however).
  • Atlantans consume more ketchup per capita than any other town in America. Confusingly, they call it “mustard.” Make sure to keep that in mind when ordering a hot dog in the “Big A” (the city’s official nickname).
  • 94 miles separate Terminal A from Terminal E in Atlanta airport. Fortunately, this distance is bridged by teleporters.
  • Unlike here in D.C., spitting on the sidewalk, assaulting people on Segways, and having no idea who Jeff Gordon is are all crimes in Atlanta.
  • Jeff Foxworthy sells more copies of his “You Might Be a Redneck” greeting cards in nearby Buckhead, Ga., than in any other town in the United States.