Shepherd Park residents are so upset with this summer’s mosquitos, they’re compiling a list of addresses where the nasty things have taken over. On the neighborhood’s message board, the poster-in-charge wrote: “OK folks, it’s amazing what itching will motivate people to do.”

The poster then provided a list of “Affected areas” as provided by residents:

1400 Leegate 7500 16th West Beach and Yorktown 1400 Juniper 7800 14th 1300 Locust 1600 Jonquil 7500 Alaska 1300 Iris 7500 14th (x2) 1800 Plymouth 1400 Geranium (x2) 7300 12th 7500 12th 600 Nicholson 1400 Floral 800 Fern 7900 Orchid 1400 Jonquil 1400 Locust 1400 Hemlock Northgate and Primrose 1600 Primrose Jonquil and Morningside 1200 Holly (x3) 1300 Roxanna

We should be able to add to this list. And if anyone can offer safe abatement procedures aside from draping these blocks with mosquito nets, then please post away!