In my cover story on Michelle Rhee and the Washington Teachers’ Union, I mention that WTU President George Parker is a former musician. Allow me to expand on that: Before becoming a full-time WTU teacher in 1980, Parker had some pretty serious chops.

According to Parker, one R&B outfit he sang for, Special Delivery, had a No. 1 hit locally with a tune called “I Destroyed Your Love.” (It landed around 20 on the national R&B charts.) Parker says he’s a natural alto, but could sing anywhere from tenor down to baritone. The stand-up vocal group opening for some of the top acts of the day, Parker says, including Natalie Cole.

Check out this YouTubed version of “I Destroyed Your Love”—-set to some cheezy scenes from what appear to be B-movie versions of Zane and Eric Jerome Dickey novels (I’m pretty sure Blair Underwood‘s in there, and is that Terence Howard?). The six-minute track was originally released split across two sides of a 45, and you can hear the transition at about the 3:30 mark. Anyway, it’s damn sweet track.