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City Desk: We report, you decide!

We have a three-way tie in today’s installment of this occasional feature.

Below are three recent posts to Craigslist’s* “rants & raves” section. We need your help to decide who’s today’s biggest jerk. Polls are open until 5 p.m., so cast your vote via the comments section and stay tuned for the results.

Candidate No. 1:having some fun with day laborers

There is a Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Viers Mill and Randolph Rd. in Montgomery County and the freakin hispanics have over run the place. Me and one of my friends decided to play a little game with them. We pulled into the parking lot with his Ford F250 Crew Cab and they swarmed us. We told them that we needed help digging the around the foundation of a house, I think all they understood was “dig”, we agreed to $13 and hour and 4 of them got in the back. They smelled bad, well at least one of them did, so we drove over to River Rd. into one of those neighborhoods with the huge houses and large lots. We pulled up to a house, we all got out and we acted like we were calling someone on the cell phone. We told them to sit down in the shade and we would be right back. I don’t think it will be long before the cops show up. Muhahahahahahaha!!!

Candidate No. 2:Day Laborers- Awesome!

That’s funny shit. Take the naysayers shit with a grain of salt. They’re the ones who one time will say “they’re trying to make a living” but out of the other side of their mouth complain that the wetbacks are taking American jobs.

One time my friend and I picked up 13 of those spics, and put them in a pickup truck. We started driving like assholes, taking turns too hard, speed-stopping, hitting speed bumps at 50mph. We gave the last one left in the truck who didn’t fall out or bail because he was scared $100 for playing.

And finally, Candidate No. 3:Re: Day Laborers

Awesome post!

Fuck these illegals, I say. Me and my boys sometimes just beat up a couple, just for shits and giggles.

I can recommend them as great stress-bags. They NEVER go to the cops.

* To be fair, these comments are not representative of all Craigslisters. “At least they’re out ATTEMPTING to earn a buck instead of riding around in Daddy’s pick up truck all day long,” observes one.