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The D.C. Council’s long summer recess started weeks ago, giving the city’s overpaid legislators a head start on all sorts of leisure. In the past, our reps have made the most of their two-month leave, including junkets to Africa, ballgames on their PAC’s dime, and, of course, the classic Rehoboth break.

But At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown remains at work, in a way that yesterday yielded huge PR benefits. Brown was conducting an anti-violence forum at the Verizon Center, an event that just happened to precede Beyonce’s much-anticipated appearance in the same venue. Well, the pop star, it turned out, had a few spare minutes before taking the stage and dropped in for a visit with the girls at the forum. According to the Washington Post, Beyonce was wearing “silver high heels, skinny jeans and a gray blouse and sporting Barbie-doll hair.”

Brown was wearing a big smile. None of his previous stunts—-like riding with the recycling trucks, for instance—-could challenge this one for publicity. Washington Post put the story on the front of its Metro section, and the Examiner ran a piece as well.