It looks like Ron Hunt, the flamboyant owner of Nexus Gold Club and the Edge/Wet strip clubs, is first in line for a coveted spot in Ward 5.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control board determined Aug. 1 that Hunt had submitted a liquor license application for 2127 Queens Chapel Road NE well before his fellow strip club owners, Deloris and Ronald Dickson, submitted theirs for a space at 2122 24th Place NE.

That’s relevant because, under current law, two nude dancing clubs can’t be fewer than 600 feet apart, and the properties Hunt and the Dicksons have been eyeing are 19 feet apart at their nearest point. Only one of the displaced clubs can relocate to the spot, with the prized license going to the one who got there first.

According to an alcohol administration official, that’s Hunt, who, barring any formal protests from the neighborhood, seems poised to move forward with his application.