Today, the Washington Post has a sweet story on the police department’s nickname database and how it’s used to help catch criminals. It brings to mind my own personal collection of great nicknames I’ve heard through the years. Having spent years on the crime beat, you hear nicknames all the time. Every criminal, every drug dealer hanger-on, every addict seems to have one. It’s a requirement.

My all-time favorite by far is “Egg and Cheese.” No reason I just love “Egg and Cheese.” My least favorite is “Peanut” because it’s too generic. If you got the nickname “Peanut,” it means people just really don’t give a shit about you. It’s the beige of nicknames.

In the pretty good category, “Wiggles,” “Puncho,” and “Magoo” come to mind.

What are the best nicknames you all have heard?