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Strolling down 18th Street just now, I saw two unfortunate items in the window of the shoe shop dress shop Shake Your Booty. One was a note saying, “We’ll be back in 20,” or something along those lines. That was probably for the best. The other was a panicky woman with a cell phone pressed to her ear.

The woman explained through the glass that she had walked into the store, perhaps challenging that pesky note, and gotten locked inside. She’d called the police and, after 20 minutes, neither they nor the shopkeepers had arrived. It’s not her first piece of bad luck. The woman was Margo Swire, a Canadian-born school teacher who got the boot from her job at Janney Elementary in May, despite a stellar record, because her visa expired. As Joe Eaton explained in a June story, the district dropped the ball on helping Swire get her green card.

CORRECTION, 2:26 P.M.: Apparently Shake Your Booty used to be a shoe store, but now it sells dresses. Its Web site still says it sells shoes, though, so I changed it. Angela had it right the first time. —-Ed.