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They keep the water bongs out front at B & K News Stand in Adams Morgan, but sex and Tom Clancy, it seems, trump weed. For that you’ve got a pay a buck.

Several times during the past two weeks, I have stopped by the store looking, unsuccessfully, for the September issue of Outside.

Each time, after marveling that High Times isn’t the only stoner glossy, I’ve noticed the sign by the red saloon doors demanding a dollar to pass into the back room. Today, I paid up and took a look.

Here at City Paper, our spam filter doesn’t snag very many of the continual come-ons for penis enlargement, performance drugs, and all the rest. So I though I had a good idea of what was available.

Wrong. B & K has quite a collection of goods, from the traditional flesh-toned 19-inch double dong, to a shorter one that straps, inexplicably, to your chin. They also have the truly bizarre “clone a pussy,” a $39.99 plaster caster rip-off modeling set.

B & K might be a little late on their shipments of outdoor adventure mags, but their issues of Buttman and Tranny Times are contemporary, their collection of vintage Playboy and videos vast. The only pedestrian fare beyond the red doors is the rack of yellowed Clancy novels next to the stroke mags.

But why the special room? And why the dollar? I asked Tony, the guy behind the counter for an explanation. The entrance fee, he says, has something to do with window shoppers.

“You buy something you get your dollar back,” Tony says. “You just look I keep the dollar. It helps pay the rent.”

Fair enough. As a neighborhood museum of the bizarre, it might even warrant a buck.