Maybe Michael Vick was onto something. Dogfighting might be the perfect sport for today’s America. Anybody who doubts how mean this place has gotten should read this piece in yesterday’s Baltimore Examiner that attacks the folks who pick up garbage at Camden Yards after Orioles game.

Somebody named Dan Gainor, who identifies himself as a “Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow” and apparently earns his wage as a shill for billionaires, takes it upon himself to advise readers that the work done by the stadium cleaners is “the least-skilled labor you could ever imagine.”

“You don’t have to train workers,” Gainor spews. “Heck, you shouldn’t even have to explain to them what constitutes ‘trash.’ You just hire them and set them to work.”

Gainor unloads on the cleaning crews because he’s upset that they are asking the Maryland Stadium Authority to pay them a so-called living wage, which in Baltimore is $9.62 an hour.

In his zest to afflict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable, Gainor ignores the 2004 verbal agreement to pay the requested wage made by Orioles owner Peter Angelos to the workers, some of whom live in public shelters when they’re not cleaning up the stadium where the millionaires play.

Talk about garbage.