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Via Fishbowldc comes a memo from Post Managing Editor Phil Bennett. One of Bennett’s prime responsibilities is newsroom-morale management, and in this memo he’s earning his money by touting the brilliance of the “Style & Arts” section that debuted in the paper yesterday. A sampling:

“The section we’ve launched today opens a great new creative space in Washington, to our readers, for The Post’s best talent. You could see this morning the promise of its simplicity. Style & Arts isn’t by itself meant to represent a big idea, but to present a big, open place for original ideas, characters and stories to develop and live.”

There’s more, of course, and it’s mostly nonsense. I can’t imagine Bennett inked this one with a straight face. The combined section, after all, is not a bold, new concept. It’s a compromise, a merger born of fiscal necessity. The title of the section says it all, and to say otherwise seems a bit delusional.