It’s easy for us merlot-sippin’, Volvo-drivin’, Whole Foods—shoppin’ coastal elites to go through our boho lives without encountering, let alone deconstructing, the comedy of Larry the Cable Guy. But New York—raised comedian Steve Hofstetter has decided to stake his career on being the “Cure for the Cable Guy”—-in fact, that’s the title of his 2006 album. Sure, Hofstetter tells some damn funny non-Larry jokes—-he does what’s perhaps the definitive Taco Bell gag—-but his profile has soared in the past year as his feud with the former Daniel Lawrence Whitney has reached the pages of the New Yorker and elsewhere. Behind the mic, the Columbia grad is every bit the culture warrior Mr. Blue Collar Comedy is, and in July he took things a step further, recording an eight-minute, only-a-quarter-joking anti-Larry YouTube manifesto. Overkill? Perhaps. But, as Hofstetter has written, “Lenny Bruce didn’t go to jail so someone could buy a wife-beater that says ‘Git-R-Done’!” Hofstetter performs at 9 & 11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 31, and Saturday, Sept. 1, at Riot Act Comedy Club, 1610 14th St. NW. $17. (202) 625-6229.

—-Mike DeBonis