Earlier this afternoon, LL had the pleasure of making a brief appearance on the Politics Program Without Mark Plotkin on Washington Post Radio. (Plotkin’s the usual host, but since he was on vacation, WTOP’s Mark Segraves filled in and was kind enough to invite me on.)

Back during his mayoral campaign, the mayor took some heat for not being able to name the three bond-rating agencies whose assessments have a tremendous impact on the District’s finances. But as a way of introducing LL today, Segraves gave the mayor another on-the-spot question: Name all the former Loose Lips*.

Fenty did pretty well, naming Ken Cummins, Erik Wemple, Elissa Silverman, and James Jones, but did skip one: Jonetta Rose Barras.

Probably Fenty was just trying to be a gracious guest—-he didn’t want to plug the competition.

Listen here.

* Disclosure: I wrote the bulk of that LL Wikipedia entry back when I was senior editor. Somebody recently tagged it as reading like an ad; I think the tone is pretty much neutral, but if you Wikiwarriors out there want to weigh in, that would be great.)