For those of you who’ve tired of reading the re-hashed rehashings of last night’s hookups on Late Night Shots, I offer an end-of-summer pick-me-up from New York City: Park Avenue Peerage. The blog is the unlikely product of James Kurisunkal, a college freshman from the Chicago burbs who began cataloging the photos and antics of the New York deb set before he’d even set foot in the city. Now, of course, he’s a media darling, with an internship at New York magazine and a kiss on the cheek from a real life deb.

The gossip reported on the website is impressive in its detail and insiderishness. But all the minutia makes my ears bleed. Do I really care that Dabney Mercer, an ascendent socialite, gets jokingly called a “shiksa” by her friends since she’s dating a Jew?As usual, the comments are the real gold.

And, I must say, these pampered ladies look better than the booze-glowing blondes on LNS.