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Sorry for waiting a day before hammering the Food section of the Post, but yesterday’s top feature left me feeling nauseous. The section put a challenge before some cooking teachers: Make a meal for four from ingredients sourced exclusively from a farmers market—in this case, the Arlington Farmers Market.

And guess what their budget was? $50. That’s right, you get 50 bucks to make dinner for four. You call that a challenge? Perhaps it’s a signal that the Post is going the way of the glossy mags that cater to that top tenth of 1 percent of American households for which money is never an object. Perhaps the Post food staffers just wanted to eat some really good, fresh meals. But whatever the explanation, get a grip.

Here’s the conclusion that the staff reached after allotting $50 to make a single meal: “Their food showcased decidedly different flavors and styles, and all their recipes were keepers: flavorful and easy to make.”