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D.C.’s hotshot personal injury lawyer Peter Grenier, retained by at least seven families of Tech victims, has to be a real threat to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Grenier, partner at Bode & Grenier, 1150 Connecticut Ave., told the Washingtonian in ’02, when the mag named him one of D.C.’s 75 best lawyers: “I try to take cases so obvious that even a baboon could win them.”

It’s hard to find so a modest lawyer around these parts. I mean, could a baboon get a jury to agree to an unheard-of $98 million against the D.C. police? That’s the dollar figure attached to the Grenier legend, the one awarded (later knocked down to $1.1 million) to the mother of a police informant on the Georgetown Starbucks triple homicide, killed while in police custody and making an undercover drug buy in ’97.

So, hey, VA: You’ve been warned.