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Today, the Kennedy Center announced its list of honorees which include the worthy (Brian Wilson and Martin Scorsese), the sorta-worthy (Diana Ross), and the ubiquitous “classy” pick (pianist Leon Fleisher). But there’s one honoree I think the Kennedy Center should reconsider: “Comedian” Steve Martin.

Martin hasn’t been “wild and crazy” for years, decades even. His SNL schtick doesn’t even hold up as either still-funny or period kitsch. While he has attempted to evolve into a “serious writer,” contributing to the New Yorker, he still makes really lousy films. I would know. I sneaked into Cheaper By The Dozen 2. I caught a solid 15-20 minutes of that crap vehicle and I have two words for Mr. Martin: no laughs.

I sneaked in expecting some old fashioned entertainment—-hilarious ball-in-groin shots, water-ski-based pratfalls, and can’t-miss skunks-really-smell jokes. I’m pretty sure I caught some of these gags. And still no laughs.

If Martin can’t deliver some good yuks during a 20-minute sneak-in, what good is he? That’s more than enough time for a 2007 Kennedy Center honoree to deliver!

One more point. Martin seems to have made a career making this face. Not exactly genius!